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“Noni” goes to prom

It’s an art finding the perfect dress for 11-year-old Antonia Gurley. “Too wedding-y,” she says about one gown. Then, she expresses a distinctly different reaction about the next dress on the rack. “This is like a queen of prom!” she squeals. “The straps are covered in bling.” And choosing that gown would match her partially…


Sailing to the Paralympics

Jen French’s love for the water all started with a date. “My husband took me windsurfing on our second date,” she says. Her sailing teammate, Jean Paul Creignou, started on the water when he was a child in Europe. “When you go sailing, you just step out in the water and you’re in a different…


A family’s first Christmas

The sound of opening presents on Christmas is a lot louder when you have four boys between the ages of 8 and 14. But that noise screams success for a family that spent its first Christmas together on Sunday. “I was hoping that the boys would feel at home, like they have a home forever…